Friday, July 14, 2017


Fav questions from people

'Kau buat ni full time ke?'

'Sempat ke? Tak kelam kabut ke weekdays kerja weekend buat ni?'

'Weh korang ada ambik untung tak? Takkan tak ambik untung langsung?'

At some point, aku rasa apa yang kami buat sekarang hobi - passion - self satisfaction.
We are busy, yes. We need to brief everytime there were new design, yes. We need to spare our time - despite our days full with this and that, yes. We need to calculate the cheapest way to make it true - yes because we are totally cheapskate. We do believe you shouldnt spend too much on something you could make it cheap, as possible as we can. We are tired sometimes, yes. But then there comes the satisfaction, yes it is refreshing.

I am back and forth questioning myself, should I make it full time? Is it just my escape mechanism after working my ass off, over something that I love - construction-buildings-being on site.

The fact that I get bored easily, including my full time job, this part timer thingy never gets on my nerve saying, ah, should we stop doing this? Never,

Oh yes I am enjoying myself helping (read as doing) Along's assignment.

I even asking Ida about part timing at coffee shop on weekends. and she curse asking KAU NAK KAHWIN KE BERAPA BANYAK KERJA KAU NAK BUAT NI.

I loled hard.

Full time - part time - quarter time. I am absolutely trying to fill every secs of mylife to do something that made me feel alive.