Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Taking a break

For this past few days, Ive been posting alot on my social media account. Which is I found myself instead of making it as my place-to-record-my-personal-life, Im feeding for other people eyes. Which is not me. Which it felt like starting to erase the boundary that Ive made since these past 2 years, to not too involve with social media. So here I am, writing over my escape place. The warmest chamber for me of being honest with my writing, thoughts, and feelings.

Summing up my weekend, I learnt something new. Not to put expectation when it comes to something you're about to experiencing for the first time. Instead of putting any expectation, you should opened up and learn to accept on your own way. Instead of saying -- this is not as I expected, turn it into -- ah, Ive learnt something new today, something that never come across my mind of their existence.

Another thing, I have this thought of starting to write any kind of stories. But looking at this post which i kept since last two days (I decided to draft this on Sunday), I guess needed to fix my ambitious wills again. Lol.

Knock knock, aloha.