Tuesday, April 18, 2017


Im writing here, due to my worries regarding money. At this point I am questioning, is this the price that I have to pay for wishing to growing up soonest possible? I remember once, I said this to one of my pal --

'Tak sabar nak kerja. At least stress-stress pun, ada duit. Belajar stress, takde duit lagi. Penat lah.'

Perhaps, I dont even know what am I wishing that day. Or maybe -- Im drunk.

I have no idea that all those 'Work my ass and gain my own money' comes with another pack of word -- responsibility. Responsibilit-ies.

I fucking hate responsibilities, which the phrase that Ive been abused lately -- I dont do commitment. Without I even realize, Ive already got few commitments. Car loan. Parents. Myself. Works. Lol. What a joke. I keep talking bullshit.

Just last night Im having a small talk with Ibu, which we always does. I told her that Im fine with my current salary -- which I trust I deserve more. But, I want to gain some experience first. I dont want to be greedy. And the words that I said, coming back to me, less than 24 hours. I get mad seeing my OT for March, perhaps it is all my fault, but after reconsidering that it is not my fault, it's totally my company's fault. Ha! 

About to talk to Ibu again, please act like there was no small talks between us yesterday. I should keep my mind straight after this. Ish!

Notakaki: I took this one from my private blog. Which it supposed to be my typical/daily rant. Tapi tersalah tingkap publish, alang-alang tu bio jelah hshsshhs.