Monday, June 27, 2016

Random rant

There is something keep bothering me since yesterday. A cousin of mine, who just get married last month, where his wife is my junior during college, expecting their first child i guess 9 months from now? When he's married, I felt nothing. Perhaps because first eventhough we are at the same age, he is a HE. Im a SHE. So takde rasa macam oh snap cousin gua dah kahwin. And second, I dont even attend his wedding belah perempuan which I rasa bersalah gila haha. Tapi knowing him about to become a father not to soon, aku rasa tua gila wei. Yang sebaya dengan aku campur belah ibu - abah, including me, 6 orang. Maybe sebab I used to be rapat dengan diorang, aku rasa tua kot & keep thinking macam takda hala tuju hidup je aku ni. Hahaha. Tah la. I believe this is one of those phase, yang akan berlalu seperti dedaunan terbang. Lol. Okay habis. Bye.