Monday, May 30, 2016

Common sense

'Dik, sky juice satu.'

'Sky juice takde la kak. Habis.'

'Takpelah. Ais kosong satu.'

'Ok kak. Lagi?'

- - -

The ability to be polite and stay calm when you are in a bad mood, is a common sense. To go around and throwing tantrum, refuse to answer other people question/react when people around talking to you, are such a bad manners. No matter how fucked up is your day, never assume that other people are having a good day compared to you. Theirs could be worst. So if you think you cant handle that kind of common sense, planning to be rude and telling people with that annoying face you're in a bad mood, dont move. Stay wherever you are. Calm yourself. Do not ruin other people mood with such manners. Or else, handle yourself so that people will not hate you.

Oh yes, sampai harini aku masih terhibur dengan adik tu. Tapi tulah, ko ingat ko kat Amareka ke sebut jelah air kosong satu. Eeeei.