Friday, May 13, 2016

A very bestfriend of mine, where we've became friend since primary, just informed us, about her father current condition. Last time, he was diagnosed with cancer, early stage. Kanser usus. The operation went well, but after the result came out, the Doctor told that the cancer already spread over another area, which the outcome he was diagnosed with cancer stage 3. I dont know how this medical thingy talk, but still, shocked. And she just told us about chemo, warded and so on.

Takut. Bila benda yang melibatkan parents, aku sangat takut. Last time when I was standard six, Ibu got warded sebab apa i dont remember. Tiap hari lepas balik sekolah, Abah terus bawak pergi hospital. Sampai rumah, aku nangis. Tiap hari aku nangis. Takut.

I hope you're strong enough to face this. Knowing her, I know shes a very responsible when it comes to family. Ive never seen, or heard, shes complaining about to take care of her nenek. And now ayah.

Faith. Keep that faith. Hugs.