Friday, March 25, 2016

Mr. Gentleman

It was a great catch up, updating each other life after months only minding our own life. Updating current career plan, where, what and teasing how slow his brain digesting the stories. I have no regrets today. 


Aku malas nak bising2. Sebab tu aku cakap kawan aku.



Dia sekarang dekat mana? 

Dah blah. Kenapa?

Nope. Saja. Tengah refresh balik semua orang yang wujud.

Random sangat la kau ni.


So, pape roger lah.

Ah, kau punya roger la paling aku tak percaya. 


Gelak. Sebab memang tak boleh percaya pun. Annoying betul. But I still think it was a great catch up. BTS - Kajang which I usually feel too far away became short-est. It might be the last time since the minding-your-own-life will be starting all over again, and everyone will lost within the hanky panky. Live a good life, sir. And a very good luck for your new place :)