Thursday, November 5, 2015


Chasing your future is not as easy as i thought. I have no regret after finished my study and always ranting about having a life as a career woman. Shit it is career and woman in the same line. Sound boring enough, uh huh. Pergi kerja gelap, balik kerja gelap. Tak nampak matahari. There is one day after a month keep buying lunch around my office where all i need is few steps to be there, I decided to go out during lunch time. Rasa macam vampire kena cahaya........ Lol. But honestly, this is the kind of life i've always dreaming of. I love how time flies and after that all i know everyone already having their own family while me, still there busy with my ownself, lifeless. I still didnt figure out what I really want, dengan secara pasti dan yakin. And one day if I did, it might be too late. Regretting a lot of things.