Sunday, May 27, 2012

5 Minute plish

Its already almost 5am. And im here sitting infront of my lappy, doing le assignment, autoCAD assignment. Actually it's a group assignment, but nah, i dont want to start 'complaining' about every single thing, so decided to start doing it by myself. Im not a 'hardworking' or nerd or DEAN LIST student which going to study all night long, unless tomorrow i got a test or of course, final exam. Hihi. But this autoCAD things really didnt bother me to staying up all night. Somekind my passion. 

Im suck in remembering facts and the sejarah things subject. Im careless in calculation, which means im not good in math neither physics, but i still love physics more than math. Physics is about concept, BUT MATH? What hell is cos sin tan the trigo calculation, differentiation, integration an so on is? Since calculus is one of my subject for 4 sem in a row, im 'forced' to like calculus, either yes or no. Sobs.

Oh didnt i said earlier that im suck in remembering? But im gooooooooddddd enough to remember every 'words', promises or simple things about people who i love, or i used to love. Well i still remember what my herm 'old bestfriend' favourite band, list of his fav songs, his sister fav singer, fav drinks, and etc. I also easily remember where did my bestfriend of SAM's highschool living at, where others didnt remember already. Because we had never been there, and she never mention it more than 2 times where did she live. Oh ya I also remember every words of Mah's about her ex crush which i think, until now still remain as her crush. Err?

Idk, but when people making promises with me, or saying anything that make my heart skip a beat, im easily remember and it will never get off from my memory. So think twice if you're promise te treat me a lamborghini because i will always remember. Muahaha. Okay seriously this is really out of topic and more than 5mins -_______- I need my rest, now. Goodnight.