Thursday, March 15, 2012

Make it fast

Currently living my hectic life since ive got no leisure time to online and hanging around the internet and tweeting (this is the most important & obvious part you know) well actually not really because im too busy but it's due to wifi connection in block C Kolej Kediaman Tun Fatimah choose to be bitchy all the time and disconnected on its own and get me annoyed and decided not to connect it again and again. So I choose to playing with Zombie vs Plant which Hilmi just gave me last week when im home and he said 'Aku bagi kau game bodoh2 je kau bukan reti pun main game'. K Hilmi k tengs for the compliment hurm. Got to says that sem 2 didnt treat me well even ive 'weekends' more than 'weekdays', if you know what i mean......*insert that jerky face*. Oh ya im gonna start to take my car license k laugh as much as you can i know everyone already had their P license but me....k nevermind because ive my own reason why im taking the license after a decade .__. okay thats all for today tomorrow ive class at 11am and i neeeeeeeeeed enough sleep muehehehe thats all. Fast enough? Goodnight folks and have a nightmare please :p