Friday, November 18, 2011

Im here without any light to guide me

my hostel management or the AJK perhaps? acting like a jerk by switching off all of the electric power to ensure all of us participating wtv opening ceremony for...... i dont give a damn. really pissed me off =oo=

but the good news is, i found back my old ring which lost since the first day im here. i found it under my bedsheat and this kinda weird because everyday i sleep on the same bed. so how come i cant even realize the ring just under my body, everynight. huh?

ok cut the crap. 

tomorrow i've got a trip to Tanjung Piai. will be depart from here around 6.30am (SO I NEED TO WAKE UP AT 5AM. NICE) and arrive around 8.30am something? actually, Abah always bring me to Tanjung Piai everytime we went back to Pontian. how i wish i dont need to join this trip but, since its under Nature Conversation subject and we've got some assignment that relate to this trip, i need to. 

gwa anti sosial okay? lu jangan ikut campur mahupun pertikai.