Saturday, November 5, 2011

Ah memories :')

its 4.13 am already. but hello, holidays is on air okay? since you ask me to approve you (you know who you are) on myspace, im struggling try to sign in my so yesterday social network. well id try to log in before this, but its not working because im totally forgot the password. but tonight, a lot of time to waste so me and Padgie sharing my screen on skype, and started our project. kinda fun okay. so i found a lotssssssss of 'eww' and so BBNU thingy on my-myspace :D

some photos from profile picture album :>

my Pavi-BB-Sg Wang-TS- photos is burned. idk did i hide all of them i neeeeeeeddddd moreeee i want moreeeeeeeeee. 2008-2009 photos where did you go? :(

on myspace you can post an entry you know? its a blog under your myspace profile. one of my entry is this ngehehe

new year is not so good as i thought

Current mood:annoyed

there's nothing much about the new year, 2010, nothing excitement to talk about. no resolution no wish list, unless target, err did it including as resolution? i think no, just target, u can view it on my blogspot. chehhh. promo pulekk

the worst part is, i just UNfortunately dlete all the album images on my phone. its 2 years images doh! since form 4. just last evening i recognize it, im marking the un-needed photo INCLUDING 7 albums then i delete them all. without re-check. seriously, I DONT REALIZE IT! babi ah -,-' afiq's photo which he bluetooth on my phone without my permission is gone. rahmah's photo. mya. fara. ida, didy, epen's! the kids photo, boboy the boyfriend (bukan 5 wibawa pervert tu eh) , faiq the hottest boy. wey gila byk wey! how to get all them back? wah babibabibabi.

i didnt ever thinking to change anythg, i am who i am. typical quote. hahaha. typical malay with typical mind set, who am i to talk about it? okay enough! you start talking nonsense. last year the new year (2009) kind of, KIND OF la best. otp with si gila & i think on that time im still err, in love with him? errrrrrrrr! yah imisshim badly, menyampah betul nk ngaku part ni. and this year, ym-ing with the bestfriends, Didy who the most i miss, Qila the cute friend, kak Amal the senior, and Lyssa, yah but we talk just for a while. she said goodbye as she will 'fly' to PLKN. HAHAHA pity you babe, im gonna miss you :*

ive ZERO plan in my mind. totally ZERO! what im gonna do on 2010, when i'll meet Rahma Fara Ida Afiq Mirul Hilmi and so on like 2009? guys, i miss you all damnnn much. okay done.

now did you understand why i said the beggining of 2010 is not so GOOD? cisss.

almost 2 years aite? ahah funny but i miss the moment i wrote all this crappy thingy hokayyy.

memories. its memories. and memories doesnt need to be perfect. just stay as memories more than enough :)