Sunday, February 13, 2011

Well hello February 14th

it's Vday. WHOAAAAA. want to celebrate it or not? want or not want or want? wah want lah want lah. -_____-'

im not gonna celebrate it. either i've the one or NOT. i wouldn't. YEAYYYYY! i dont get why some people said that 14th of Feb, you can celebrate it for fun. takda kaitan pasal Kristian pun. toksah dok serabut sangat nak anti-Vday nih. tudiaa. but here is my opinion ;

there is few kind of story that peeps always been told everytime the February's come. but most famous story is,

#1.Vday's about the priest of Rome at the end of 3AD. Saint Valentine who has been sentenced to death for against the Claudius 2. He was killed on February 14th. so people honour him by making the February 14 Valentine as a day to remember (sounds familiar, ADTR? haha) 

#2.Another version of mention when religious nashrani in Europe, in one village there was a Roman tradition of attracting the attention of the clergy. In the tradition of village youths often gathered every mid-February (i assume the mid Feb is on 14th). They wrote the names of village girls and put them in a box, and every young man take one name from the box, and the girl who called out to be his girlfriend during the year. and blablabla. 

trying to made the synopsis. but seems like not easy at all. better you google search about this thingyy. haha yeah im a lazy one. 

maybe after posting this, you or you or you will say that, 

'Well hello Azza Syazana, why aa you have a narrow minded? Vday's is a day for you to show your love to someone. and btw*hair slide*, we celebrate it just for fun okay. FOR FUN.'

i dont caree derrr*hair slide with annoying face*. cakap la aku ni oldskool ka, pikiaq sempit ja ka, hang ingat aku heran? yeah im a typikal Muslim. enough? -.-

no im not. im not wearing tudung labuh, or purdah or handsock or whatsoever. I AM NOT. ( i wish one day when i get married maybe?) but i keep reminding me, when its come about region, please think it twice. Vday's associated with religion, not a celebration of a nation or race or okay enough la mangkok. haaaaaaaa. 

Lastly, ask yourself, are you muslim, just on the I/C or you do what you have to? thanks for the answer. hihi. eh perlu ke 'hihi'?