Tuesday, April 18, 2017


Im writing here, due to my worries regarding money. At this point I am questioning, is this the price that I have to pay for wishing to growing up soonest possible? I remember once, I said this to one of my pal --

'Tak sabar nak kerja. At least stress-stress pun, ada duit. Belajar stress, takde duit lagi. Penat lah.'

Perhaps, I dont even know what am I wishing that day. Or maybe -- Im drunk.

I have no idea that all those 'Work my ass and gain my own money' comes with another pack of word -- responsibility. Responsibilit-ies.

I fucking hate responsibilities, which the phrase that Ive been abused lately -- I dont do commitment. Without I even realize, Ive already got few commitments. Car loan. Parents. Myself. Works. Lol. What a joke. I keep talking bullshit.

Just last night Im having a small talk with Ibu, which we always does. I told her that Im fine with my current salary -- which I trust I deserve more. But, I want to gain some experience first. I dont want to be greedy. And the words that I said, coming back to me, less than 24 hours. I get mad seeing my OT for March, perhaps it is all my fault, but after reconsidering that it is not my fault, it's totally my company's fault. Ha! 

About to talk to Ibu again, please act like there was no small talks between us yesterday. I should keep my mind straight after this. Ish!

Notakaki: I took this one from my private blog. Which it supposed to be my typical/daily rant. Tapi tersalah tingkap publish, alang-alang tu bio jelah hshsshhs.

The quickest love story that take only one seconds to fall with

Guys, I just discovered a cool band. I meant its been awhile for me to loves all of the songs created by that one particular band.

Last time it is Coldplay (well thanks to them suggesting this band looool), One Republic, The Script & none. Ive tried to listen One Ok Rock (from Japan) but I found some of their songs are not really my kind of everyday playlist. But this one. Major looooove.

Hello, there Nell.

Newton's Apple.

Beautiful Stranger.

Their songs and music arrangement is something that i would like to laying my body on bed and push the shuffle button playing it all day long. ❤

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Taking a break

For this past few days, Ive been posting alot on my social media account. Which is I found myself instead of making it as my place-to-record-my-personal-life, Im feeding for other people eyes. Which is not me. Which it felt like starting to erase the boundary that Ive made since these past 2 years, to not too involve with social media. So here I am, writing over my escape place. The warmest chamber for me of being honest with my writing, thoughts, and feelings.

Summing up my weekend, I learnt something new. Not to put expectation when it comes to something you're about to experiencing for the first time. Instead of putting any expectation, you should opened up and learn to accept on your own way. Instead of saying -- this is not as I expected, turn it into -- ah, Ive learnt something new today, something that never come across my mind of their existence.

Another thing, I have this thought of starting to write any kind of stories. But looking at this post which i kept since last two days (I decided to draft this on Sunday), I guess needed to fix my ambitious wills again. Lol.

Knock knock, aloha.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

April 7th

Saying hello with 2 drafts on February which i held to click the publish button. And yeap, tomorrow is a big day. The day where Im questioning, how come I'm able to be at this stage?!!!

May the force be with me. Like a big force.

Sunday, February 5, 2017


Long story short. I dont do commitment. If you really think waiting will be worth it, then it is up to you. But pardon me, I dont do commitment.

Monday, January 2, 2017

A Happy New Year

Aku masih cuba berfikir apa azam aku untuk tahun ni. Tahun menginjak ke usia suku abad. Suku abad masih tak mampu fikir resolusi yang betul2 aku laksanakan. Seingat aku untuk 2016, aku biarkan tahun baru berlalu tanpa terfikir pun nak azam apa. Mungkin sebab masatu aku rasa kabur kot dengan masa depan sendiri. Kahkah.

So kejap, untuk tahun ni:

1. Travel. At least dua negara yang berbeza (with Mah). And of course, a road trip around Malaysia.
2. Start saving. Like, seriously.
3. Attending concert by my favorite artist(s). Which is this year I target ada dua, Coldplay & BTS.
4. Learn swimming. & my long lost resolution since 2015, scuba diving!!!!!!!
5. A better version of me in religion version. Doakan I jadi hamba yang lebih baik & istiqamah.

Ok dah. I make it general since the personal/details version will be keep all by myself. Kahkahkah.

So, what is your 2017 resolutions?